Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spencer Benson 1755-1834

Next up of my Benson grandfathers is my 5th great grandfather Spencer Benson.  Spencer was born December 4, 1755 in Sussex County Delaware now Worchester County Maryland.   He married Comfort Short on February 18, 1779 in Delaware. 

Spencer fought in the Revolutionary War and I was able to find a biography on him. 
I was also able to find his pension application which had a lot of pages but I have not listed all of these pages.

These are just some of the pages of his pension application.  For me they are hard to read.  I always get a headache trying to read the writing but it worth it!  I love these old records. 
Spencer and Comfort had 10  kids
William Benson
Benjamin Franklin Benson ( my 4th great grandfather)
Isaac Benson
Barclay S. Benson
Bartley S. Benson
Mary Benson
John Benson
Ned Benson
James Benson
Spencer Benson
Spencer died in 1834 in Mcminn County Tennessee at age 79. 

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