Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joseph Reilly 1887-1934

 Well like I said I finally after over 2 months and 2 emails I got in Chris's great grandpa's death certificate!!  This has been the longest I have had to wait for a record.  It was worth it though.   First I go to and then when I find the record and certificate number I go to   and order it.  All other records I have ordered have taken 3 or 4 weeks.  This one for some reason was the longest. 

Here are some interesting things I discovered on the death certificate.

1.  He is not an electrician anymore.  All other records I have of Joseph list him as an electrician.

2. He died in Sea View Hospital of Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis.  Sea View was a TB hospital back then and was considered to be pretty advanced for it's time.  I contacted them but no records exist from back then.  Bummer.

3.  He was admitted on December 22, 1933 and died 2 months later on February 23, 1934.

4.  He had TB for 3 years and 6 months.

5.  He is widowed.  That is interesting since I haven't been able to figure out if Bertha  had divorced Joseph and remarried a 3rd time.

6.  He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.  From what I have read on Calvary it is a Catholic cemetery and very large.  There are 4 different cemeteries. 

7.  He was only 46 years old.  That is so young.

Now for the 2nd page of certificate

This page is really interesting to me because of what it says about his sister Annie Wheeler.  It says she is his only surviving relative.  That is really interesting since I have yet been able to find out when his mother and 2 brothers died.  It also I think says what kind of relationship with his 3 sons he must have had.  It seems so sad and it makes me wonder if he was alone when he died.  :(

On a brighter note, once again  has come through!!!  I was able to find Joseph's birth certificate.  Reilly was spelled wrong and it was listed as Riley ( which is common) and also the birth date was off by 2 days.  I know it is him because whomever indexed those record (and I love them)  put the parents names.  I can't wait to get it in and find out what the A stands for. 

I've also got some microfilm ordered and being sent to the Conway Family History Center so I can look at a birth certificate of Chris's grandma's dad's brother Louis Harry Sitler.  I had discovered on Family Search that he has the same birth date as Chris's grandma's dad Stephen Sitler.  I'm hoping maybe it might tell me something or maybe his birth certificate could be in with all the others on the microfilm. 

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