Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Hungarian Reformed Church record

I had sent a email to The First Hungarian Reformed Church to see if they had any records other than the marriage record of Chris's great grandma Bertha Almasi.  They emailed me the marriage record which was the only one they had. 

Balasz and Bertha are the first two on the record.  The church sent me this in an email and then asked for a donation of $100 dollars.  They said that is what they ask for 1 church record.  I am very thankful to them for taking the time to email me this record but $100 dollars seems a little much for emailing a record.  I've ordered 7 or 8 records from the government and haven't been charged over $30 for a record.  Most of the death or marriage records I've ordered have been $15 plus shipping.  The Social Security applications I ordered were either 27 or 29 plus shipping depending on if you had the person's social security number or they had to search for it and a Florida death certificate was $24 total.   Not near $100 dollars.  I written other churches and they haven't asked for anything.  I'll be honest it feels dirty to me and I hate to say that about a church.  It feels like they are taking advantage of people who are just trying to research their family history.  I'm probably so wrong for saying something like that.  He did say in the email that any donation would be appreciated and I'm not against sending them a donation just not $100.  I do again appreciate them emailing me the record. 

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