Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Samuel Almasi Hungarian christening record.

I forgot that I got in Chris's 2x great grandpa's christening record.  It is in Hungarian and it is very hard to read.  I have tried to use a translator app but the the record is to hard to read.  If anybody can figure it out let me know and thank you!!!!

This is the left side heading  

this is the left side

This is the right side heading

this is the right side

If anybody can help translate this  please do!!! 

I have other information on Samuel here

Elizabeth Kulman Almasi 1859-1914

   Well I finally got in the death certificate of Chris's great great grandma Elizabeth Kulman Almasi.  I ordered it at the beginning of December and feel like I have been waiting for it forever.  I don't know a lot about Elizabeth.   I know her and her family came over from Hungary in 1893.  She had 2 daughters,  Bertha and Mary.  Her husband was Samuel Almasi.  I also have information and pictures of Bertha here .  Here is a copy of the death certificate

I've been having some trouble with her mother's maiden name.  I can't seem to figure out what it is.  If anybody knows please leave a comment and let me know!