Tuesday, October 9, 2012

James Nelson Benson 1853-1927

All of my posts have been on Chris's family so I thought I would write a post on some of my family.  After I found a land record on Ancestry.com this morning I figured I would start with my great great grandpa James Nelson Benson. 


James Nelson is seated in the picture above. James N was born Sept 9,  1853 and died Jan 19,  1927 in Hampton, Arkansas.   Seated next to him is his wife Rachel Emma Ritchie.  They were married November 19, 1874 by  L.O. Miers. 
James Nelson and Rachel had 11 children:
William L Benson 1875-1875
Thomas Bradford Benson 1877-1943
Elbert "Ebb" Franklin Benson (my great grandpa he is holding the baby in pic) 1879-1951
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Benson Reddin 1880-1949
James Claud Benson 1884-1965
John F. Benson 1885-1886
Charley A. Benson 1886-
Noah Houston Benson
Infant Daughter 1894-1895
William Bunk Benson 1896-1990
Edward Carl Benson 1900-1909
Most are buried at Means Cemetery in Hampton, Arkansas. 
While I was on Ancestry this morning I noticed they had added some new land records and Arkansas was included and had Calhoun County listed so I decided to look and see if any Benson's were listed and came across a land record for James Nelson.   
I thought it was a very neat record to find.  It would be neat to know if it is the same land that the Benson's are still on today or if it is nearby. 
I think my next post I'm going to start at the beginning that we know about and start with William Benson 1774-1846 and then go from there. 
One last thing.  Happy Birthday to my husband Christopher James Reilly!!!!   31 years old!!! :)
I'm very lucky to have him in my life and have him put up with all my nonstop talk about genealogy! 

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