Friday, October 5, 2012

Have I said how much I love

  Have I said how much I love   Well I LOVE!!!  I went on to see what New York marriage records they had and was trying to find the marriage record of Chris's great great grandparents  James and Annie Reilly.  Instead I find the marriage record of their daughter (Chris's great aunt)  Annie.  I had not been able to find anything on ancestry on her but family search had the record.  She married Henry Wheeler August 4, 1906.   The record also has her mom's maiden name as Logan which is what I had thought but the records were hard to read.  I then put all of this information into my tree at Ancestry and up popped those little leafs with census records.  She had 4 children that are listed in the census records.  There is an 11 year gap between the first and second child which makes me wonder if they might have had a child or 2 in between these years that didn't make it. 

Her children are   Mary born in 1908.  Mary is probably named after her Aunt Mary her mom's sister.
 Henry  1919
Ann 1921
Genevieve 1924

I'll go to tomorrow to try to find death records for her and Henry and possible marriage records for her children. 

I love hitting brick walls because I stop and take a break for a couple of days and then get back on I find all sorts of new records.  I love genealogy!  

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