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Looking for information on Richard Rowe 1842-??? and Seaborn Rowe 1835

I've been off and on doing research on my grandma Betty's side of the family.  I always hit brick walls.   My grandma Betty Wayne Maroney Benson was born to Leroy Maroney and Docia Thompson.

Leroy's parents were Richard Maroney and Caledonia Rowe.

Caledonia Rowe's parents were Mary ? Rowe and ????  Rowe.

That is where I had been stuck and not finding any information until the other day when a find a grave contributor who I didn't even remember writing to :) wrote me back and told me Mary Rowe's first husband was Richard Rowe.   I did write him back to ask him for his source and to thank him for getting back to me but haven't heard from him. 

Richard would make sense though.  Richard Rowe born about 1842 in Georgia had a brother Seaborn Rowe born about 1835.   They are the sons of Charles B. Rowe (1810) and ??? 

Mary and Caledonia are  living with Seaborn and his family in the 1870 census in Allen, Walton, Georgia. 

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Allen, Walton, Georgia; Roll: M593_180; Page: 437B; Image: 513; Family History Library Film: 545679.

In 1880 Mary and Caledonia and another daughter Mary are living in Bradley County Arkansas and Mary is listed as a widow. 

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Clay, Bradley, Arkansas; Roll: 39; Family History Film: 1254039; Page: 33C; Enumeration District: 016; Image: 0395

Also in Bradley County in 1880 there is a Seabrom Rew born in Georgia listed as a widower.  He is listed as black but I do believe this is Seaborn.  He is living with Richard Maroney who would go on to marry Caledonia in 1883. 

Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Clay, Bradley, Arkansas; Roll: 39; Family History Film: 1254039; Page: 34B; Enumeration District: 016; Image: 0398.

I have no other information on what happened to Richard, Seaborn, or Seaborn's wife Mahala (White) 

Richard and Mary's daughter Mary was born in 1871 in Arkansas so that does narrow Richard's death down to between 1870-1880. 

Mahala (Seaborn's wife) death is also narrowed down between 1870-1880.

Seaborn's death is narrowed down between 1882-1888???

Richard did serve in the Civil War along with Seaborn.

Confederate Service...Rowe, Richard F.     Co. C  9th Regiment Ga. Volunteer Infantry Walton County, Georgia (Hillyer Rifles)...private March 4, 1862. Wounded at Garnett's Farm, Virginia June 27, 1862. Paroled at Farmville, Virginia April 11-21, 1865...per "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia", Vol. 1, page 1017..also appears on the roster of Co.F  16th Regiment out of Walton County, Georgia as a private July 19, 1861 with no later record.

Charles Rowe (father) was looking for Seaborn in 1888. 

By Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith
Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002
Page 61     March 31, 1888
SEABORN ROU son of Charles B. Rou of Walton Co., Ga., went to Ark. about 17 years ago; if living he would be about 50 years old; his last letter was received about 6 years ago. His father would like to know if he is living or deceased

I have been in contact with a descendent of James Madison Rowe who was a half brother to Richard and Seaborn.   When Charles lost track of Seaborn, James was asked to return to Georgia from Louisiana to take care of Charles. 

If anyone has any information on Richard or Seaborn Rowe or any ideas of where I can search for information please comment below. 



  1. My grandmother was Frances(sp?) Maroney, Betty's sister. I know very little about her, and have never been able to find much information at all on her. Would you happen to have any you could share?

  2. I'm so sorry! I'm just now seeing this comment. Let me look at what I have and I'll get back to you!

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    1. Jennifer, If you have a facebook you can find me Nikki Benson Reilly or send me your address. I check my tree on ancestry and I have not done any research on her but do know some stories that gma and my aunt have told me. would love to talk.