Friday, March 22, 2013

The Smith family! From Alfred Jones Smith to Henry Alfred Smith

  It's been awhile since I have blogged.  I spent last Monday with my Aunt Joyce and it was a really great visit.  We went through all of her pictures and I brought a whole bunch home with me to copy. 

 These are my 4th great grandparents Alfred Jones Smith and Elizabeth Harper Smith
abt 1847

Alfred Jones Smith was born in Alabama May 31, 1826.  He was the son of Charles Smith and Mirah Lacy.  He died in Louisiana February 10, 1897

Elizabeth Harper was born in  Mississippi April 2, 1830 to Samuel Harper and Mary Ann "Polly" Ainsworth.  She married Alfred Jones Smith in Mississippi in 1847.  She died May 25, 1912 in Louisiana. 
Their son John Wesley Smith is my 3rd great grandfather.  I do not have any pictures of him.  He was born 1862 and died in 1901.  His wife was Ella Frances Winn and they married in Magnolia, Arkansas in 1883. 
They had 6 children.
Henry, Lester, and Geneva Smith
My 2nd great grandfather was Henry Alfred Smith (1887-1977).  He married Lillian Geneva Hardaway.  She was the daughter of John William Hardaway and Sally Beatrice Slaton.
They had 4 children
Lester Alfred Smith 1911-1978
James Dolphin Smith 1915-2006
Lillian Beatrice Smith Richardson 1919-2012 (my great grandma)
William Earl Smith 1923-1960
Lester, Henry, William, Geneva, and Dolphin 1945

William, Lester, and Dolphin 1945

Carol Richardson(my grandma, daughter of Lillian) Geneva, and my Aunt Joyce (daughter of Lillian)

Geneva Hardaway Smith

Henry and Geneva Smith

Geneva with the kids 1920s

William Earl Smith
Grandma Carol, Great Grandma Lillian Smith Richardson, and my Aunt Joyce

Lillian Smith Richardson at the house in Lester, Arkansas

Grandma Lillian and Papaw Dude Richardson

My sweet grandma!  I miss her so very much!  I still have the teddy bear she made me when I was little as well as Christmas ornaments she made.  I doubt Lauren will remember her but I'm so glad she got to spend 4 years with her. 

Lauren and her Great Great grandma Lillian.  I don't think many can say they knew their great great grandma. 
Through doing genealogy I have been able to meet some of grandma's family I never knew.  I'm so happy to know them!  It's great finding new family! 

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