Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lauren's Pre-K Graduation

     Well my baby girl is growing up.  She had her pre-k graduation May 23, 2013.  I was excited for her to start school back in August and now I'm sad the year is over.  We were so lucky this year.  First that she got a place in pre-k.   They only take so many and second that she had three awesome teachers, Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. Dillard, and Mrs. Hoover.  She loves these women and has said over and over she is going to miss them.  I think that is what makes me so sad is that I don't want her to be so sad.

Mrs. Shepherd, Lauren, Mrs. Hoover, and Mrs. Dillard
They sang five songs at their graduation and they were the cutest! The Humpty Dumpty rap was Lauren's favorite and it was adorable.  I liked the ballet dancing truck driver song.   Lauren is not afraid to sing (yell) in front of anybody.  :)  They all did so good.  After graduation they had refreshments and I took lots of pictures.  
Here are some pictures from graduation and before.


Lauren and some of her friends she made this year.

                                                                            Me and my baby girl!

                                                                              Daddy's girl!!!

 After graduation we went to the zoo and had a great day there.  The weather was perfect! We saw lots of animals and Chris and Lauren rode the train and Lauren got to get her a zoo toy.  Lol.  That was the highlight of her day!!

Ready to go to the zoo!


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