Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Samuel Almasi Hungarian christening record.

I forgot that I got in Chris's 2x great grandpa's christening record.  It is in Hungarian and it is very hard to read.  I have tried to use a translator app but the the record is to hard to read.  If anybody can figure it out let me know and thank you!!!!

This is the left side heading  

this is the left side

This is the right side heading

this is the right side

If anybody can help translate this  please do!!! 

I have other information on Samuel here


  1. First of all thank you so much for pulling all this together. All your hours you spent. Wow!

    I liked viewing all the photos of the Smith family, I am William Earl's youngest son. William Smith.

    I really enjoyed the photos of him when he looked like he was a young teenager? OMG we look so much alike. It brought tears to my eyes. You are unable to see in the black & white photo but he had blue eyes as all his children did as well.

    The one with Henry & Geneva in front of the, what I always called the old farm house in Haynesville brought back so many memories. My mother would every once in a blue moon take me for a visit. They almost always had a dog which I loved to play with. As a young child I thought the house was so big. I think I may have been there youngest grand child. They were always so nice to me. Grandpa Smith always had lemon drops stuffed in his wheel chair offering them to me. After the 3rd offing my mother would say looking @ me thats enough. I always enjoyed those visits hated when they came to an end.

    The photo of all the children & their mother I would say is @ their farm house in Drew Miss. or near. Not a 100% since I have never seen it before. It is my understanding I figure because of the Market crash of 1929 they lost it @ some point moved in with her sister & husband in Haynesville. Where I have been told John & were born in the same hospital. Again I love family history.

    Again all the photos are great!


    1. William,

      I sent you a message to your inbox on Facebook but if you didn't get it thank you again for the comments! I especially love the memories. I didn't know any of Grandma's brother or their families so it is great to meet and learn more.


  2. Hi,
    I just have recently started to search for old family members and came across your blog. Bertha Almási married my great grand mother's brother, Balázs Bátkay, I guess he was her first husband.
    On the pictures you have columns in the follwing order:
    No. ; year and date of bith; year and date of baptisation; name; boy or girl; legally born from marraige; not born in marraige
    So Sámuel was born in August 4th 1857 and batptized on August 5th, legally born from a marriage to János Almási and Zsófia Szemes who were farmers in Balajt, house number 25. Godfather was István Csordás and Susána Kis, farmers. I can not make out the name of the priest.


    1. Thank you so much!!!!! I'm just now seeing this comment. I appreciate this so much!! I believe Dawn sent me some information that you had sent her. Are there any other pictures of Balazs and Bertha other then the wedding picture? Thanks again!!