Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elizabeth Kulman Almasi 1859-1914

   Well I finally got in the death certificate of Chris's great great grandma Elizabeth Kulman Almasi.  I ordered it at the beginning of December and feel like I have been waiting for it forever.  I don't know a lot about Elizabeth.   I know her and her family came over from Hungary in 1893.  She had 2 daughters,  Bertha and Mary.  Her husband was Samuel Almasi.  I also have information and pictures of Bertha here .  Here is a copy of the death certificate

I've been having some trouble with her mother's maiden name.  I can't seem to figure out what it is.  If anybody knows please leave a comment and let me know!



  1. It looks like Konstantina, but that is a first name

  2. I'm so sorry! I am just now seeing this comment. I haven't blogged in forever and never get on here. Thank you for your comment.