Thursday, July 2, 2009

our visit at maw maw betty's

I love this picture. they were taking the girls for a ride in the kubota.
Ryne, Lyn, Uncle Phil, and Lynsey

cousin alex and lauren

jameson and lauren

ryne, chris, and scott. they wouldn't pose for me.

the granddaughters
nikki, alex, avery, and jameson
great granddaugher

the whittemores
avery, alex, jamie, and jameson

same pic different color

we went to maw maw's betty's yesterday. aunt jamie and the girls flew in from florida and it was great to see them!! we spent the whole day with them!! alex and avery are growing up so fast. it makes me feel so OLD!! they are gorgeous! i hadn't seen jameson in a long time. she is four now and so cute. her and lauren had the best time. they even took a bath together. maw wasn't doing to well. she had a crick in her neck and ended up having to go the hospital this morning. hope she gets better. uncle phil, lyn, lynsey, and ryne also came up. alex asked me if ryne and chris were biffles. i did not know what a biffle was!! i'm really getting old. if anybody else doesn't know it's a best friend. i'll try to write me later about our trip. we stayed in monticello at chris's moms house and our ride down there tues turned out to be a little scary and i don't mean from the weather.

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  1. Nikki,
    Your little girl is so precious. Glad to see you and your little family on here.