Monday, June 22, 2009

our weekend

saturday was lauren's aunt melissa's wedding. (chris's stepsister) it was a beautiful wedding. lauren was a flower girl and she did so good. she walked down the aisle, came right to me, and sat down. every now and then she would say somethng out loud, like when a lady got up to sing she asked me who that was and when she sat down she said, "where go?" it was cute. it was a Hawaiian themed wedding and if FELT like it. lol. nobody turned the air on in the church. then after the ceremony lauren found a slide in one of the rooms in the church and she didn't want to leave. finally got her out of there to take pictures then we went to the reception. lauren wanted all of the little umbrellas and had both hands full of them. we didn't stay long at the reception. we had to get back on the road. our next stop grandma lillian's.

we had a wonderful time at grandma's. aunt joyce was there and it was nice visit. lauren though acted so shy like she had never met either one of them before. she didn't even want to play with grandma's dog frosty.

next we went to the jr. high auditorium to watch alyssa in a pageant. it was great being back in that auditorium. it still looked and smelled the same. brought back alot of good memories. (all my dance recitals were held there) alyssa was so pretty and she had a beautiful dress on. she won most beautiful, photogenic, and 1st runner up. i really thought she should have won and especially should have won best fashion. that dress was so pretty.

we finally ended the night at maw maw's in hampton. she was glad we finally made it. uncle scott came up and lauren had the best time wearing him out. sunday paw paw larry came and uncle scott came back and we all had alot of fun. we left that night about six and headed home. it was great coming home and seeing chris. we missed him so much. we had already celebrated father's day with him on friday but we came him his cards when we got home.

i tried to put pictures on here but it won't let me so i'll try later.

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  1. I can totally smell the auditorium now... and see the stage and the rest of the place from the stage... (PRIDE danced there every year too) I can still smell the cafeteria from waiting on your next number with you... oooh, remember the year we went to the carnival after your recital and you still had on your costume.. fun times!