Sunday, July 12, 2009

miss magness creek pageant

Lauren won wee miss magness creek Saturday. i don't know how many more of these i can take. lol!! it was hot, hot in that gym. in the other two pageants we have done she has wanted me, but this time she was a daddy's girl. she wanted her daddy every time. i was surprised i could get her to smile on stage. she also had not had her nap and was hot and tired. when it came to the crowning and they were about to announce the winner i was a wreck. i was looking at who was left and wondering whether this was going to be the one when she doesn't get anything. i know that eventually she will have one of those. :( everybody does.
the day had already been along one, but it was a good one!! Chris smoked some ribs and a pork butt and family came over. Lauren had a blast seeing her mamaw Lisa, pappaw Jim, paw paw Larry and maw maw Bobbie. we tried to roll her hair but it turned out awful. I'm sure though as hot as it was in there that if it would have curled, it would have fallen. poor child has her mother's hair. of course it she had her daddy's curly hair i wouldn't know what to do with it. now we get ready for Georgia. we leave this Fri or sat. can't wait!!!!!!!

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