Saturday, April 24, 2010

strawberry festival pageant

well it has been a long time since i have blogged! today was the strawberry festival pageant here in cabot. lauren did it last year (it ws her very first pageant). she got photogenic and 2nd runner up. today we did not get anything and it was expected. we did not have a good day. it was 100 degrees and her hair fell and she was a little hellion! lol!! i know there will be plenty of pageant where she doesn't get anything. i did pageants growing up and there were a bunch that i didn't get anything in. i'm pissed because they combined her group with the one year olds. there were three in lauren's group and three in the one year old group. i don't believe there was any reason to combine these groups. if they hadn't then everybody would have gotten something. i was told by different people that this pageant is rigged and i still put her in it. iwill not be putting her in it next year.

in other news... we will be doing the state cinderella pageant in june. this pageant is very close to my heart and i hope she does her very best. and it is in hot springs my favorite town!!!!!

chris is looking for us a boat. lauren is going to love it i'm sure. he wants a fish and ski and i want a ski. i told him whatever makes him happy because i love him.

til next blog.......

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  1. I KNOW she will do GREAT st the Cinderella pageant. What are the dates? You are a great wife and mommy ( and friend) and I love you:)