Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Trip to Monticello

Chris's three day weekend was last weekend. We ended up going to what we are calling our get-a-way place. His mom and step dad recently bought some more land down from where they live in Monticello. It is 80 acres with a barn and a double wide with a built on porch and it's fenced in which is GREAT for Lauren. So that is our get-a-way place. we had a blast. Granny Beth (Chris's mom) had bought Lauren a swimming pool last year but we never used it. so we brought it with us and blew it up she loves it. the child is an outdoors gal. her daddy loves that. the only prob on the trip we had was the air went out one day. we had it fixed by that night though. Saturday night Lauren spent the night with granny Beth. it was the first time me and Chris had been alone in along time. i tried to remember the last time and i think it was in April. we had a good time but we missed the little boo bear like crazy. she of course wasn't worried about us. she had a blast with her granny. they went shopping( of course she got lots of stuff) and she helped her cook and clean. when she came to the house the next day i wanted to laugh because i thought she looked like beth. she had a ball cap on and looked like she was ready to work outside. she was cute.

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