Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jefferson Davis Sitler and Minnie Biehayn

    One thing I read over and over in genealogy books is about blogs and blogging your findings so that's what I'm gonna do.

     Since I started doing genealogy I have been mostly researching my husband's family.  Not a lot is known about his father's side so it's been the most exciting of the research I have done.  I had been trying to find any information about my husband's great great grandpa Jefferson Davis Sitler and was hitting brick wall after brick wall.  I finally after going through everything I could on Ancestry went over to another website I use and typed in his name.   Bingo!!! The first record that popped up was a birth record for a Emma Herietta Sitler born April 29, 1886 in Manhattan to parents Jefferson Davis Sitler and Minnie Maria Biehayn.  I knew from a 1900 census that Minnie had 3 children who died so I knew this had to be one of the children.  I then searched  for a death record and sure enough found Emma's death record.  She died the the next day on April 30, 1886.  How sad.

     I found another record for a Louis Harry Sitler born May 30, 1891 in Manhattan to Jefferson and Minnie.  What is interesting about this record is Louis's birth date.  It is the same birth date that I have for Chris's great grandpa Stephen R. Sitler!!   This would make Louis and Stephen twins but I haven't found any records for verify this. 

     Another thing these records gave me was Minnie's maiden name Biehayn which then led me to her and Jefferson's marriage record.  They were married in Manhattan on June 18, 1885. 

     I also was able to then pull up her marriage record to her second husband Alfred Hoppe in Manhattan on March 14, 1908.  This record was the best because it gave me her parents names. 

    Minnie Maria Biehayn's parents were Louis Biehayn and Helena Asschoff.  They were both born in Germany.  Louis in about 1820 and Helena in about 1833.  Louis was naturalized on Oct 20, 1856 in Connecticut.

    This led me to all of their childrens names and birth years. 

 Helena Justina Maria Biehayn born on Nov 20, 1857 in Connecticut
Minnie Maria Biehayn May 1863 Connecticut    Died  Aug 13, 1935  Bronx
Emma  1866 New York
Theodore  1869 New York  Died  Aug 26, 1903
Louis Jr.   1872  New York

This was a big day for me!!!  These ancestors of my husbands have been hard to find.

I found almost all of the records on, 
These are 2 of my favorite sites to use besides of course  

Happy hunting!!

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