Tuesday, June 8, 2010

arkansas state cinderella pageant

over the weekend lauren was crowned 2010-2011 arkansas state cinderella tiny tot!!!! i'm so proud of her!!! i love the cinderella pageant system!!!! i did cinderella pageant growing up and it was my favorite pageant to do. especially the state pageant. two days of fun, fun, fun!!! lauren had a blast at the pj party and prince gilbert party(frog). she danced her little butt off. i will say she was a little wild but she is two. i wish we could do the international pageant next month but we will be in georgia. i'm so glad she is the reigning state queen. even though she is a baby and won't be able to do the things the older queens do i'm still going to enjoy putting her in parades and hopefully she'll get to go to the cabot prelim as well as crown at the state pageant next year. :) who knows maybe one day she'll be state tot, mini miss, miss, or teen.

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