Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jefferson Davis Sitler and Minnie Maria Biehayn marriage record

I got in the marriage record for Jefferson Davis Sitler and Minnie Maria Biehayn, Chris's 2x great grandparents. 

I love Jefferson's name!  I love that he is born in 1862 in New York and they named him Jefferson Davis.  Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederacy so I'm going on that he was named after him and that his father, Daniel Sitler was a supporter of the south.  Who knows.
I'm so glad I got this record because it gave me the name of Jefferson's parents.  I have been having the worst time finding Jefferson in any other census other than the 1900 census.  Even with this record I still am not able to find him. :(  I cannot find any of them.  Daniel, Annie, or Jefferson's siblings. 
 I have found Jefferson in some Albany city directories in the 1890s but then he is back in Manhattan in 1900.

Jefferson and Minnie were married in June 18, 1885.  I'm having trouble figuring out the names of the witnesses.  Henrietta ? and Nicholas Clark??     The wedding was performed by Newton?  ?????  at the Rector church of Reconciliation????   Ha!   I'm horrible at reading these. 

I'm still not able to figure out Jefferson's death date either.  I know it is between 1900-1905 but cannot find it.  Jefferson and both his brothers, Stephen and Charles died between 1900-1905 and they were all so young. 

There is a lot of stuff to find on the web when it comes to the Sitlers.  There is of course the legend of the Sitler fortune but I really don't buy it.  I have found a book of descendents that lists Daniel Sitler marrying Annie Fox and lists the kids and they are the right names.  The only problem is that the birth years are all wrong.  They have Jefferson being born in 1842.  I have found some message boards on Ancestry and have left messages but haven't heard anything.   Maybe one day someone will find it and can give me the answers I need. 

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